Site Requirements


Minimum Requirements:


This section outlines the browser support, Portable Document Format (PDF) support, hardware, software and Internet connection speed required to access the Peace Hills Insurance website. Users who do not meet the minimum requirements will not be supported.


Browser Support:

The following table outlines the Browser and Operating System combinations that have been certified as tested and supported for the Peace Hills Insurance website:

Browser Windows 7 Windows 8
Internet Explorer v.9.0


The following combinations may be compatible but have not been fully tested:

Browser Windows 7 Windows 8
Internet Explorer v.10.0
Internet Explorer v.11.0
Firefox v.12.0
Google Chrome v.19.0
Opera v.12.17.1863
Safari v. 5.9  


Portable Document Format (PDF) Support

Peace Hills Insurance website is compatible with the latest Adobe PDF Reader versions.



The minimum hardware requirements we recommend are:


Internet Connection Speed

Peace Hills Insurance website users are recommended to connect via a High Speed Internet connection - such as cable modem, DSL, T1/T3, SMDS and ISDN.


Note: Dial-up modem connections (typically 56K) are not supported. It is expected, however, that users with 56K access (or higher) should still experience an acceptable level of performance when accessing the Peace Hills Insurance website.