Sign In Help

  • Broker Account Locked

    Brokers that belong to either the Broker Owner or Broker Admin security roles can unlock accounts of other brokers who are assigned to their brokerages. Once signed in, they simply click on the Broker List link at the top of the screen. Then press the Show Locked Out Brokers button, click the Manage Broker Account link of the locked out user, and then press the Unlock User button. The locked out user should now be able to sign in.

  • Independent Adjuster Account Locked

    Users that belong to the Independent Adjuster security role need to click this link to contact our Claims Administrators. They will provide immediate assistance to get your account unlocked.


Password Help

You can use your login name (firstName.lastName format) or your email address in the User Id field.

Please Note: your password must contain all of the following:


  1. 1 non-alphanumeric character (!@#$%^&*.,()?: etc.)
  2. 1 number
  3. 1 uppercase letter
  4. Be at least 6 characters long


If you need any help about this, please contact us at Peace Hills Marketing